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  Marshall style, First Generation 2x12 Blues Breaker speaker cabinet
This is our version of a First Generation  Blues Breaker, small box chassis style cab.These ..
Ex Tax: $300.00
 Marshall JMP style 2x12 cabinet
Marshall JMP style 2x12 speaker cabinet. The dimensions are 28x20x11.  Also avalaible as an ..
Ex Tax: $300.00
1936 2x12 cab
This is a version of our 1936 2x12 cab,as always you can choose any in stock color tolex,cloth, a..
Ex Tax: $300.00
2061 CX 2x12 cab
This is a version of our 2061 CX 2x12 cab. The dimensions are 26W x 27T x 12D. Please specify sla..
Ex Tax: $340.00
2x12 Combo cabinet for Ceriatone Dizzy 30 amplifier
2x12 Combo cabinet for ceriatone Dizzy 30 amplifier,the dimensions are 28x20x10.5". Also availabl..
Ex Tax: $300.00
Black guitar cabinet piping
Black guitar cabinet piping,it is sold by the foot but there is a minumum order of 5 feet. ..
Ex Tax: $1.00
Black taurus tolex
Black taurus tolex,1 piece is 54"x36",2 pieces would be 54" x 72" and so on. Because it is cut to..
Ex Tax: $20.00
British green tolex
British emerald green tolex,1 piece is 54"x36",2 pieces would be 54" x 72" and so on. Because..
Ex Tax: $20.00
***NEW PRODUCT*** Here is our take on the JCM 800/900 style cabs, ours are slightly different..
Ex Tax: $210.00
Combo cabinet for Ceriatone OTS series amplifiers
Combo cabinet for Ceriatone OTS series amplifiers. The dimensions are 20.75x20x10. ..
Ex Tax: $260.00
Full Size Marshall Plexi Style Head Cab for 50 watt
This is a version of our Full Size Plexi style head cab for a 50 watt amplifier/chassis,as al..
Ex Tax: $210.00
Gold tinsel guitar cabinet piping
Gold tinsel guitar cabinet piping,because it is cut to order we do not accept returns. It is ..
Ex Tax: $1.00
  • Modern 1936
  • Modern 1936 Back
  • Modern 1936 front
  • Ceriatone OTS Head Cabinet
  • Ceriatone dizzy 30 1x12
  • Randy Rhoades style JMP
  • Blues Breaker Extension Cabinet
  • Ceriatone DC-30 2x12
  • 8x10
  • Plexi cab
  • 8 4x12's
  • 3 Half Stacks
  • JMP
  • JMP Back

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