Head and Combo cabinet cutouts?   As standard the general cutout we use is 16.5" x 2 3/8" on most Marshall style cabs howerver when having any cabinet custom built we always recommend you sending the chassis dimensions and the required cutout's as they can vary.

What type of wood do you use?   As standard and for most all of our cabs,unless otherwise specified we use 5/8" Void Free Russian Birch.

What is your current lead/build time?   Generally we always keep around a 2 week lead time,sometimes slightly shorter,sometimes a tad longer. PLEASE BE PATIENT ALL OF OUR CABS ARE BUILT TO ORDER AND CONSTANT EMAILS AND OR PHONE CALLS DO NOT SPEED UP THE PROCESS.

Are cabinets predrilled for my amplifer/chassis?    No they are not, there are too many aftermarket amp/builders on the market and they  DO NOT use the same chassis dimensions,so you will be responsible for any drilling, amplifer mounting.

Can I get one of your cabs but in a slightly different size,or with a custom cutout? Yes we will just need to know what exact size you want and then we can give you a quote ( it might increase price).



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